Magisk Manager Latest Version v25.2 (APK & ZIP)

Magisk Manager App (APK or Zip) helps you root your devices powered by Android OS. It is an authentic systemless rooting program for Android users. Also, it is an ideal program for Android users to root their devices.

You will find the three mirror links to download the Magisk App on the current page and find the full tutorial to root your devices. We have shared it as ZIP and APK files.

Magisk Manager

Download Magisk Manager App (APK and ZIP)

Magisk Manager App allows safely rooting your Android devices. As well as, it works on the latest version of android devices too. Just click on the following download button to download Magisk Manager’s latest version.

App Name: Magisk-v25.2 (Latest version)
App Size: 10 MB
How to Download: See Example
How to Use: Follow the Tutorial

Download Magisk Manager (Old Version)

Version Link Link
v25.1 APK ZIP
v25.0 APK ZIP
v24.3 APK ZIP
v24.1 APK ZIP
v24.0 APK ZIP
v23.0 APK ZIP
v22.1 APK ZIP
v22.0 APK ZIP
v21.4 ZIP
v21.3 ZIP
v21.2 ZIP
v21.1 ZIP
v21.0 ZIP
v20.4 ZIP
v20.2 ZIP
v20.0 ZIP

How To Root Android Device using Magisk Manager Zip?

Read Carefully: If you are going to root your device using the Magisk Manager, then you must need to unlock your device bootloader lock. Otherwise, you can never root your device using this App.

01. Download the Magisk Manager Zip file on your mobile or computer.

Download Magisk

02. Copy the Magisk Manager Zip to the SD Card. Then, insert the SD card into your device.

Copy Zip File

03. Now, connect your device to the fastboot mode. For fastboot mode, press VOL DOWN and insert a USB cable.

Connect your Device

04. Now, flash a suitable custom recovery file on your device. Make sure your device bootloader is unlocked. Otherwise, you can never flash any custom recovery file to fastboot mode.

Flash Custom Recovery

05. After flashing a custom recovery file, you need to boot your device to the recovery menu. For the recovery menu: Press and hold VOL UP + VOL DOWN + POWER Key. While your device will be turned off, just release VOL DOWN and POWER Keys but hold VOL UP Key.

Magisk Zip

06. After successfully booting your device into the recovery menu, you will see the following screen on your device. Then, swipe the three icons to the right side for Modifications.

Magisk Manager APP

07. Now, you will see the following screen.

Magisk Manager APP

08. Click on the Install. Then, follow the following steps.

Magisk Manager APP

09. Now, choose Magisk Zip file. If you can’t find the Magisk ZIP file, click on Select Storage then choose SD Card.

Magisk Manager APP

10. After choosing the Magisk Manager ZIP file, then swipe the arrow left to right to install it.

Magisk Manager APK

11. After installing Magisk Manager ZIP, you will see the successful message.

Magisk Manager APK

12. Now, restart your device. Click on the Reboot System to restart your device.

Magisk Manager APK

13. After rebooting your device, you will see the Magisk Manager App is installed on your device.

Magisk Manager APK

Video Tutorial:

If you are looking for a full video tutorial on installing the Magisk Manager Root App. Then, follow the following video tutorial.

Feature Of Magisk Manager App

Best Rooting App: Magisk Manager is the best app because it is ideal for safely rooting Android devices. As well as, there is no subscription fee for using this app.

Support OS: It supports the latest Android version. Also, you can root your devices on the old Android version.

Open-Source: You can easily customize or modify the Magisk app because it is open-source software.

[*] Hide This App: One of the most significant advantages of this rooting app is you can still use some apps that don’t work while your device is rooted because you can hide the Magisk root for specific apps. As well as you can easily uninstall this app from your device.

[*] SafetyNet: After rooting your device using this app, your smartphone will pass on SafetyNet or Google Play Protect scanning because you can easily modify many settings by using this app.

[*] Systemless: Comparatively, Magisk helps Android users to enjoy root power more efficiently. Because the Magisk app allows rooting Android devices without touching the system files.

Readme once

[*] Recommend: Never flash the wrong TWRP recovery file. As a result, flashing the wrong recovery file may brick the device. Also, we recommend using the latest version of the Magisk app.

[*] Unlock Bootloader: You need to unlock the bootloader lock for installing the TWRP recovery file. Otherwise, you can’t install the recovery file. Then you can’t root your device.

[*] Root Checker APK: You can easily check your device’s root status using the Root Checker App.

[*] Credits: Full credits goes to topjohnwu (developer). Because he created and distributed this Magisk Manager.

[*] Virus Scan: The Magisk root package (APK and Zip) has no virus. Because we have scanned it using the Windows Defender Antivirus before sharing it online.

[*] Resource: We have shared some resources on this page that also helps you to root your Android devices. i.e., TWRP recovery, Root Checker App, and How to Use Guide.


The full meaning of FAQ is frequently asked questions. Also, we have shared some important answers to the Magisk Root question.

What is Magisk Manager?

Ans: Magisk Manager is Android’s best and most popular rooting application. Also, Magisk Root is a systemless methode.

What is the Systemless Root Methode?

Ans: The systemless root is the method that roots Android devices without modifying the device’s system files. Magisk Manager is the only systemless rooting app for Android.

What Is Magisk Hide?

Ans: Magisk hide is the most popular feature of the Magisk app. You can easily hide root power for any specific app using the Magisk Manager APK file.

Is It Virus Free?

Ans: Yes, it is virus or malware free. Firstly, we must scan it using the Virus Total website ( Then, we uploaded it on this website.

Can I Use Banking App If My Device Is Rooted?

Ans: Sure, you can use the banking app on your Android device if your device is rooted in the Magisk Manager app. Not only the banking app but also the other app you can easily use on your device that is not allowed on rooted devices.

How Can I Download This App?

Ans: You can easily download it on download section.