Magisk Manager v25.0 (APK & Zip)

Magisk Manager v25.0 helps you root your devices powered by Android OS. It is an authentic systemless rooting program for Android users. Also, the Magisk v25.0 is an ideal program for Android users to root their devices.

You will get the two mirror links to download the Magisk Manager v25.0 (APK & Zip) on the current page. We have shared the Magisk Module including the tutorial.

Magisk Manager v25.0

Download Magisk Manager v25.0

Magisk Manager App allows safely rooting your Android devices. As well as it works on the latest version of Android devices too. Click on the following download button to download Magisk Managers latest version.

App Name: Magisk_Manager_v25.0
App Version: v25.0
File Size: 10.5 MB
Developer: topjohnwu

Feature Of Magisk Manager v25.0

  1. Best Rooting App: Magisk v25.0 is the best app because it is ideal for safely rooting Android devices. As well as, there is no subscription fee for using this app.
  2. Support Latest Android OS: It supports the latest Android version. Also, you can root your devices that running on old Android version.
  3. Open-Source: You can easily customize or modify the Magisk app because it is open-source software.
  4. Hide Magisk: One of the most significant advantages of this rooting app is you can still use some apps that don’t work while your device is rooted because you can hide the Magisk root for specific apps. As well as you can easily uninstall this app from your device.
  5. SafetyNet: After rooting your device using Magisk Manager v25.0, your smartphone will pass on SafetyNet or Google Play Protect scanning because you can easily modify many settings by using this app.
  6. Systemless: Comparatively, Magisk helps Android users to enjoy root power more efficiently. Because the Magisk app allows rooting Android devices without touching the system files.

Readme Once

Recommend: Never flash the wrong TWRP recovery file. As a result, flashing the wrong recovery file may brick the device. Also, we recommend using the latest version of the Magisk app.

Unlock Bootloader: You need to unlock the bootloader lock to install the TWRP recovery file. Otherwise, you can’t install the recovery file. Then you can’t root your device.

Root Checker APK: You can easily check your device’s root status using the Root Checker App.

Custom TWRP Recovery: If you are looking for a custom TWRP recovery file for installing Magisk. Then, click here to get Custom TWRP Recovery.

No Malware: Magisk Manager v25.0 has no malware/virus. Because we have scanned it using the Windows Defender Antivirus before sharing it online.

Credits: Full credits goes to topjohnwu (senior developer). Because he created and distributed it free.