Magisk Old Version (v26.0, v25.2, and More)

Not that the latest version is always better. Sometimes the latest version may have problems. So we have also shared the old version of Magisk Manager App.

On the current page, we have shared the direct link to download all old version of Magisk APK and ZIP.

Magisk Old
v26.2 APK ZIP
v26.1 APK ZIP
v26.0 APK ZIP
v25.2 APK ZIP
v25.1 APK ZIP
v25.0 APK ZIP
v24.3 APK ZIP
v24.2 APK ZIP
v24.1 APK ZIP
v24.0 APK ZIP
v23.0 APK ZIP
v22.1 APK ZIP
v22.0 APK ZIP
v21.4 - ZIP
v21.3 - ZIP
v21.2 - ZIP
v21.1 - ZIP
v21.0 - ZIP
v20.4 - ZIP
v20.3 - ZIP
v20.2 - ZIP
v20.1 - ZIP
v20.0 - ZIP
v19.4 - ZIP
v19.3 - ZIP
v19.2 - ZIP
v19.1 - ZIP
v19.0 - ZIP
v18.1 - ZIP

Readme Once

[*] Latest Magisk Manager: If you are looking for the latest version of Magisk Manager to root your device. Then, click here to download Latest Magisk Manager.

[*] Root Checker Application: If you are looking for the root checker app file to check your device’s root status. Then, click here to download Root Checker APK.

[*] Custom TWRP Recovery: If you are looking for a custom TWRP recovery file for installing Magisk. Then, click here to get Custom TWRP Recovery.